climb the corporate ladder book - "Intelligence Isn't Enough"

The Book

Intelligence Isn’t Enough: A Black Professional’s Guide to Thriving in the Workplace contains beyond-the-book-smarts insights from Carice Anderson, a Harvard-trained learning and organizational development leader, facilitator, and corporate vet.

It’s the perfect resource to support high-performing Black professionals everywhere who want to advance their careers, defy limitations and climb the corporate ladder.

climb the corporate ladder book - "Intelligence Isn't Enough"

Now, Black career professionals can climb the corporate ladder and they have the opportunity to occupy the kind of highly compensated, highly-influential positions that our parents and grandparents could have only dreamed of.

And while there are many invisible barriers we’re still required to overcome, there are far more examples of and pathways to success available to us than ever before.

After spending two decades working inside some of the most competitive global companies like: McKinsey & Company, Deloitte Consulting, Korn Ferry, and BlackRock, I know what it takes to be successful and climb the corporate ladder in high-performing corporate environments.

So, I decided to write the book on it.

Unlearn career-killing myths and unlock your next level.

Intelligence Isn’t Enough gives you an in-depth look inside the hard-won lessons and relevant experiences I’ve gained throughout my 20-year corporate career.

By the end of this book, you’ll know:

  • The lessons learned and sage advice from the 30 Black Professionals who have worked in internationally in North America, Europe and Africa.
  • What you’re bringing into the space that could be holding you back.
  • Why much of the well-meaning advice you’re getting could be stalling your career.
  • Why relying on your intellect alone is a career-killing mistake you can’t afford to continue making (especially in high-performing corporate environments).
  • Why knowing yourself, others, and your environment are all necessary to sustain your success.
  • How to show up authentically, as you climb the corporate ladder and advance your career.
  • How to navigate challenging (and even toxic) working environments.
  • Why invisible, systemic barriers aren’t the only obstacles that can derail your promising career trajectory.

It doesn’t matter if you’re working your first corporate job or if you’re ten years into your career, this book is a must-read for any Black career professional who’s ready to advance and maximize their impact at work.

Honestly, this is the book I wish I would have had at the start of my own career.

Meet Carice

Carice Anderson, a product of Harvard’s esteemed education system, stands as a leader in the realm of global learning and organizational development. Over the past twenty years, she has traversed the corridors of powerhouse corporations such as McKinsey & Company, BlackRock, Deloitte Consulting, and Korn Ferry.

Her expertise extends beyond borders, as she has offered her guidance to professionals hailing from the Netherlands, South Africa, the UK, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Brazil, and Italy, aiding them in navigating professional hurdles. This extensive exposure grants her a nuanced, cosmopolitan outlook on the pathways to career success.

Carice contends that much of the conventional wisdom offered to Black professionals, while well-intentioned, often makes it challenging for them to climb the corporate ladder. This conviction fuels her dedication to democratizing access to the pathways of success within high-achieving corporate settings.

In her debut book, “Intelligence Isn’t Enough: A Black Professional’s Guide to Thriving in the Workplace,” Carice presents a comprehensive blueprint for career progression. She advocates that achieving success requires a deep understanding of oneself, one’s peers, and the surrounding environment. Using these three pillars in their professional approach, corporate professionals can craft a distinct personal brand and communication style, positioning themselves for optimal impact and career satisfaction.

Carice openly offers her wealth of global experiences, astute insights, and invaluable professional background as a beacon of guidance for Black professionals seeking to navigate the common pitfalls of their careers.

With a decade of work in South Africa under her belt, Carice has assumed the role of mentor to underrepresented talent across continents. Her extensive background in aiding professionals from a diverse array of countries such as the Netherlands, the UK, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Brazil, and Italy positions Carice as the mentor, advisor, and authority figure for any Black professional striving to decode the corporate success, climb the corporate ladder, and amplify their influence.

Carice envisions a world where it’s normal for Black talent to climb the corporate ladder in corporate America, corporate Africa and corporate Europe.

The Top 3 Career-Killing Mistakes Black Professionals Make (And What To Do Instead)

Being Black in corporate isn't a cake walk. This free guide is perfect for early and emerging Black professionals who want to climb the corporate ladder and thrive - without sacrificing their authenticity or sanity.

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